@ The hospital with my brother!!

@ The hospital with my brother!!


To day I went to the hospital to see my brother, he is just going to stay there for a night. So he is coming home tomorrow. Cant wait to he come home again, he is so match fun to have around. Im so proud of him, he is the strongest boy I know!

Mom and my hero!!

Stay Tuned!


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12.jul.2011 kl.13:41

nsker broren din godbedring! :)


13.jul.2011 kl.03:19

Good bedring til han, og s stt og litt til at han er "Your Hero`"

Lina.. >> We're all mad here.

13.jul.2011 kl.22:50

God bedring til broren din! :-)

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13.jul.2011 kl.23:13

uffda, god bedring!


19.jul.2011 kl.22:00

Hvorfor ligger han p sykehuset? D:

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