Fishing trip!!

Fishing trip!! 

Hey out there! 

I just have to say that I love Norway! Me an Håvard Szabo, a good friend, went out Fishing. We got some fish and we had an awesome time. Just take a look @ the pic´s and you will understand why I love Norway!






What do you think about Norway??


Stay Tuned!



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19.jul.2011 kl.21:49

NOrway is so fuking cool mayn!!!!!!!!! the fjords and all the stores are so sick


19.jul.2011 kl.21:55

aaah, awsm.. norway is really beutiful!


19.jul.2011 kl.22:23

My family come from Norway, but I've never been...yet. Want to see one day.


19.jul.2011 kl.22:57

Likte det andre bildet veldig mye :D
Fine bilder! :-)

Mariann Lizette

19.jul.2011 kl.23:08

Jeg liker bloggen din :)

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