Party time!

Party time!


Friday´s up and I´m still at the Bodin´s house in Spangereid. Siren, the eldest sister in the family turns ¨25¨;P (28) so of course there had to be a party for her! With grandmother, uncle and aunty Bodin visiting, we had a great meal in the early evening with shrips and crabs on the menu, a real southern-Norway meal. So after singing Siren her birthdaysong there was nothing else to do but to dig in on the delicious food. Yum. 


-Weird mood-

After dinner we just sat talking at the table, and even though aunty tried to loosen up the mood by telling jokes you could feel there was tense mood in the whole house. It was hard for all of us to keep our thoughts away from the horrible happenings in Oslo earlier the same day. So after a little while we all decided to sit down and watch the news. What a horrible and awful scenario that happened in Oslo and at Utøya, breaks my heart. All condolences to all the people who are effected by this evilness! My thoughts go to you all.



Even though everyone were a bit sad, Benedicte tried to crack a smile.


Worked for me:D


 Me and Benne all dressed up for the party.



After watching the news for an hour or two we decided to have a quiz. My team didn´t win, but we came up really close!

All in all a good night!


Stay tuned.


-Gaute ft. Benne-

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