Snowstoked interview!

Snowstoked interview!


Gaute Silseth? Who? Well, about one year ago, we had to ask this question, too. However, in the meantime, Mr. Silseth attracted a heap of attention on himself? like ours. And this not only ?cause he has the classic Scando style with a fancy scarf and coat on lock, nope, the good Gaute now also bagged a damn sick style. An example? Gaute was part of Level 1′s last Superunknown comp, even in the final. It wasn?t enough for the win, but hey, Superunknown final isn?t too shabby, huh? Anyways, like you?ve maybe noticed, we?re down with the Norwegian fella as well and so we caught up with him and cross-examined him in our Down with? rubric. Gaute Silseth ? World. World ? Gaute Silseth.

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