Time for training

Time for training


Well guys, I just got back from Molde with Benne. She and her family is in town for a few days to help her brother move. so the day started with a nice breakfast at ´´Seilet´´ (a hotel in Molde) before the handy-work began. Later when we got home there was another meal with my family. Strawberries and ice cream:D But let me get to the good part, cause people, the sun finally come out in Batnfjorden! I´m super stoked. All I wanted to do was to get my ass off the couch and go out for a real sweaty trampoline-workout. Feels like it´s been ages! Benne and Eskil (babybrother) joined me for a good and playful training-session with gymnastics on the lawn and tricks on the trampoline. Great! I even dug up some old tricks that I hadn't done for a year.







Stay tuned for more update´s!




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02.aug.2011 kl.23:29

Benne var ekstremt brun! Litt av et scoop du har gjort ;) ps. Triksene så bra ut!

Fat Boss

02.aug.2011 kl.23:37

Volvo in the background - Yeah! (and sweet moves, by the way)

03.aug.2011 kl.00:05

kan du ikke legge ut en trampoline edit ?


03.aug.2011 kl.04:26

Kul blogg du har!:)

Gaute Silseth

03.aug.2011 kl.17:26

Benne er sykt pen ja, beste dama!!

Det kommer en edit etter vært håper jeg;)

Må få til det :D

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