Time for some FUN!!

Time for some FUN!!

Hey people. Today I was in the mood for some fun, so I ended up calling this guy to rent Paintball equipment. Then I called some of my friends and they were all down with my idea, except for Kim who had to work at the local bingo (hehe). All added we were three girls and three boys we started with, perfect teams. Arriving at the paintballcourse we were all superexcited, we couldn´t wait to get on with the games, so one of my boys and I ran into the woods and hid from the others playing hide and seek. We lost pretty bad.. -but it was a lot of fun! After loading our guns we got to the more seriouse part splitting into teams for some real games. The girls were pretty tough on us and got in a few good shots, but of course the boys won at the end.


Stay tuned.


-Gaute ft. Benne-

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09.aug.2011 kl.19:40

Paintball er konge! Spesielt når man får til skikkelig teamarbeid. Kul blogg =)

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