Silseth VS Northug

Silseth VS Northug


Hey out there,

To day I was running against Petter Northug and rest of the Norwegian cross country skiing team. So I had some big shoes to fill. The race was 3000 meters longe, a litle bitt to long for me :P But I had alot fun running with the cross country skiing stars. Its fun to see who they are training in the summer and see how fucking fast they are. It was a fun day, I have some more pic´s but I´m going to upload them later.  


Me in my running gear!


Stay Tuned



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12.aug.2011 kl.21:49

kult bilde (:

Celinn Jensen

12.aug.2011 kl.22:00



13.aug.2011 kl.00:04

KULT:D du er kjekk

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