Time for Brownies!!

Time for Brownies!!


My Girlfirend and I decided to make something both of us like. So we ended up with brownies. we had a great time makeing them, it was alot of fun. If I can speak for my self, I just LOVE brownies!! Almost the best thing to eat in the world. What do you think about brownies?

Benedicte is the queen of the kitchen!♥

The brownies was just amazing !

Stay Tuned!


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Mari Linn Wik

13.aug.2011 kl.21:15



Charlotte Jrgensen

13.aug.2011 kl.21:17

ohh,n fikk jeg lyst p brownies! Det er s himmelsk <3
Love it!!


13.aug.2011 kl.21:29

Den var digg<3 nam!

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