Chaoz is in the International Freeski Film Festival!!

Chaoz is in the International Freeski Film Festival!!


To day is a good day! The Chaoz movie "Broken Record" made it in to the IF3. Thats a huge comp to get into, all the biggest ski movies in the world are in that comp. So now we are one of the big boys! It has been so much fun shooting with Chaoz this season. Cant wait to start make a new movie! So if you wanna see the Movie before the guys at the IF3, you should come to the premiere in Oslo. Its the 27 th of Agust at Ballroom. See you there!

Pro & Open Category

4Bi9 Media- Beggin' for Change
Chaoz Productions- Broken Record
ESK Media- Interlude
Field Productions- Being There
Inspired Media Concepts- Retallack: The Movie
Level 1 Productions- After Dark
Legs of Steel- Nothing Else Matters
Matchstick Productions- Attack of La Nia
Meathead Films- Prime Cut
Poor Boyz Productions- The Grand Bizarre
PVS Company- Animus
Red Bull Media House- Cold Rush 2011
Sherpas Cinema- All.I.Can
Stept Productions- Weight
Sweetgrass Productions- Solitaire
Switchback Entertainment- Freedom Chair
V Shaw Productions- The Powder Highway

Broken record trailer!

So you should come to the Premiere in Oslo the 27th of agust, to see the movie before everyone in Canada!!

You better be there!

Stay Tuned!


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