Silseth is back on the Blog!

Silseth is back on the Blog!



Then I´m back on the blog, I needed some time of.But fuck that, ready to get back to the blog.At the time I´m down in Hintertux for some shredding before the comp season.I will come back with some photo´s and film later. Last weekend I was in Annecy for the IF3, it was the best weekend this summer. We did show the Chaoz movie, and we did get a lot of good feedback on the movie. I was really stoked when I did read the feed back on  


Here is the feedback from Downdays:

In the same session also the new Chaoz production movie was shown. Our highlight here is definitely Gaute Silsteh who proved he can almost land every single trick.


So I stoked to get back on my skis, and I will drop some photos tomorrow from Hintertux!


Stay Tuned!


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