Recap of IF3 in Annecy!

Recap of IF3 in Annecy!


Last weekend I was in Annecy for the IF3. IF3 is a freeski festival, so all the boy´s from the Freeski community was down there to have a good time. For me it was the best weekend this summer, meeting all the boy´s again and having some good party´s cud not be better. Sun all the time and a lot of smiles all over Annecy, and surfing and a lot of hot chick. Can´t complain on that! So I will go back next year for sure!!


The lake in Annecy is just amazing!

Ninni Lilly!

Jossi Wells is getting the Tan!!=P

Captain Klaus Finne!!

Elias Ambuhl rocking Annecy

Me chilling in the SUN!!


Stay Tuned!



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