Yesterday we decided that we should take a road trip. And the destination was Juvass summer ski center, we didn´t know what to expect. Is it a park the? Or isn?t it? Woke up fucking early, jumped in the car. The drive was around 3 hours, we had a lot of fun in the car and we played a lot of good music! Then we did see the ski center, and wasn?t to stoked. Not even a rail was there!!!! Then I found out that I was the only freeskier there, me and 300 Alpine skiers. After some runs Kim and I did take a break. Then I did see a pipe, I was just so happy! I did run down to the pipe, and it was tow kids shredding the pipe/ Rail. I did ask if I cod join, of course they said!! I did meet some real freeskiers, we had a lot of fun and did some good tricks. I wasn?t the only freeskier after all, they were just behind a house shredding a rail!  After a good shred I went back home again with a smile on my face =D  A Epic day!!  




Me on the top of the slope!

Kim aka soooping at the top!! 




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11.nov.2011 kl.23:18

du e så syyyykt kjekk!

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