februar 2012

Gaute Silseth double cork 1080

Gaute Silseth double cork 1080 Gaute Silseth double cork 1080

Frostgun Invitational!!

Frostgun Invitational!! Then the Jump is starting to take shape in Val Thorens, looks BIG!!!!! Stoked can whait to get to France! The table on the jump is going to be around 31 meters. I don´t kno...

Espen Bergh Makeover!

Espen Bergh Makeover! Espen and I had a talk about girls. I was saying that if you got some more nice looking clothes you will get more good looking girls. So I got Espen to buy some new clothes...

On the move in Colorado!!

On the move in Colorado!! Then the other guy´s are going home to Norway. Espen and I are moveing to a Motel :S It´s not to bad, but we are going to move after a fuw day´s anyway. Stay tuned! ...

Co Livin Episode 3

Co Livin Episode 3 Co Livin´Episode 3

Denver and Back again!

Denver and Back again! Hey, Last week Espen and I traveld down to Devner. We did go down for the SIA, it was alot of fun! SIA is a huge thing in the ski industri, there every body shows there n...

CO livin First day Keystone!!

CO livin First day Keystone!! CO Living First day Keystone Next episode are we going to take to a new level!! Stay Tuned!!!
Gaute Silseth

Gaute Silseth

20, Gjemnes

Jeg er Gaute Silseth, 20år fra Batnfjorden. Sattser innen jibbing (twintip) som jeg driver med på heltid. Reiser, chillern, og lever livet generelt. Kommer til å bruke bloggen til å oppdatere om dette og det som ellers skjer i livet mitt. Stay tuned ! I thought you might want an english translation for your (growing) international fans, add this: I am Norwegian freeskier (twintip) called Gaute Silseth. I am 20 years old and come from a small village in Norway. I spend most of my year chasing snow, hitting some of the best parks in the world in Europe and the USA and skiing on glaciers during the out-of-season summer and fall. I do a full competition schedule in the season and film with one of the best independent freeski film companies, Chaoz Productions. Outside of skiing i chill out with my friends and live an easy and free life. Follow my life on this blogg and please leave your comments, I love hearing from people from all countries!