september 2011

The Norwegian freestyle team!

Hey, Then the week is over. It have been a fun week, its good to feel that you have used the body in a good way! Its coming more pics and a edit from the week! Stay Tuned for more from the team...

Day one!

Day one! The first day of training is over, it was a good one. I had a lot of fun meeting with the guys again. The training went well, so now Im pretty tired, just laying in my bed watching TV! ...

In Oslo!

In Oslo! Hey people out there, Then Im back in Oslo again, its good to be back. But the weather sucks so its not to mutch to do. So my hotel room is a good place to just chill and hangout, ...
Gaute Silseth

Gaute Silseth

19, Oppdal

Jeg er Gaute Silseth, 19 r fra Batnfjorden. Satser innen jibbing (twintip) som jeg driver med p heltid. Reiser, chillern, og lever livet generelt. Kommer til bruke bloggen til oppdatere om dette og det som ellers skjer i livet mitt. Stay tuned !